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Rakesh “Rocky” Patel, M.D.

Arizona Sun Family Medicine

Other services have tried to earn our business; and I find it is very common for their technicians to miss plaques and other substantial items from their reports. It is my desire to perform these tests myself in order to ensure high quality reproducible examinations. I’ve taken didactic and hands-on classes and finally found that I don’t have the time in a busy practice to do the tests like I’d like with the required attention that is needed. Vasolabs has provided me with consistent ultrasound diagnostics that are very thorough. Their technicians are registered through a national credentialing service. Their prices are modest and their service is great. The phone gets answered on the first ring, emails are responded to quickly, their lab has cIMT results within 48 hours (usually 24) and is accessible through the internet. Vasolabs is an asset to my practice.